Should you contribute to a marketplace as an Exclusive, or Non-Exclusive Contributor?

If you produce any kind of digital assets (i.e., stock photography, stock videography, after effects templates, etc, etc), one way of making sales is by becoming a stock contributor to a digital asset marketplace (i.e., a place that sells stock photography). When the site makes a sale, they pay you a commission based on the agreement you signed up for.

You may be giving the option of becoming an exclusive, or non exclusive contributor. Usually an exclusive contract would have more perks, such as a higher commission of any sales, or exclusive sales channels that you wouldn’t normally have access to. But – then it means you cannot submit that same content to other marketplaces, otherwise you may have these special perks revoked.

So the big question is – do you become exclusive or non exclusive contributor?

The short answer is – in most cases, you should be non-exclusive. Why? Let’s look at the pros and cons:

Pros to Going ExclusiveCons to Becoming Exclusive
Item 3Item 4
Item 5Item 6

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